Portable Maker Workshop

What's a Portable Maker Workshop?

The Portable Maker Workshop concept is how we connect classrooms with the tools and materials students need to expand and fulfill engineering goals.

We provide easily transportable design workshops – curated kits containing tools, materials, guides, and ideas. These sets are small enough to fit in the back of a small car. Teachers and students decide on the kits and materials they want and request them from us. Then, teachers can pick up the kits and bring them to their classrooms!

How to use the catalogue

Each set of materials or tools is listed below. Click on the title to learn about what the different sets contain.

Teacher collaborators decide on the combination of sets they want to use for their Community Based Engineering modules. These sets are stocked at the CEEO and loaned out to local classrooms.




Structural Items



A copy of the Mobile Maker Studio Inventory is provided here.