Accessible Playground Unit

Developed by Vera Gor, CBE Teacher Cohort 2

Skills & ConnectionsAge
– Effective verbal communication
– Persuasive and explanatory writing
– Measurements
– Drawing diagrams
– Engineering design process
2nd grade

Community problem:

Students noticed that typical playgrounds are only designed for physically abled students, and decided that it would be so much more fair if there were a playground where all students of all physical capabilities could play together. This involved the recognition that students with special needs have rights, needs, and wants just like other community members, including participation, integration, and feeling as if they belong to a community.

Student design goals:

The students set out to design playground equipment that is accessible for children with disabilities. This project gave them opportunities for problem scoping, planning designs, building prototypes, and explaining designs through drawings and persuasive writing.

Student work: